Women's Empowerment Groups

I frequently find myself in session with women who are trying to heal and bring to consciousness the impact that internalized patriarchy has had on our  psyche. As a woman and as a healer, I feel very passionate about bringing that work in the collective consciousness and supporting women to bring their voices and truth forward for the healing of the world.

In the Women Empowerment Groups I facilitate we acknowledge how internalized oppression shows up in daily and small ways, in our relationship with our families, partners, coworkers…and how that is reflected in a much larger scale. We explore movement and power and can come back into our bodies and our voices in a safe way.

I believe that it is by connecting with our own bodies, experience, and truth, that we can find the tangible empowerment that can impact the greater collective. 

“The very clear joy radiated by Rachael is tangible. Her warmth, energy and patience are beautiful and simple, and I simply wanted to learn from her because of how inviting and open she is. I felt fully able to explore my own self expression and needs during the workshop because of Rachael’s ability to create such a lovely, inviting, and safe space.”
— Kerri Entin, Physician