Self-Care Retreats

Wellness Retreats provide the opportunity to rejuvenate, slow down, and connect with your highest Self.

If you are needing a deeper dive but the time and space constraints of a traditional therapeutic session would not support what you need, we provide the space, containment, and witnessing to rediscover balance, allow fluidity, and reconnect with your inner sense of peace and calm. Whether you have been feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of your busy life or if you are simply looking for an opportunity to take some time for deep self-exploration, a retreat might be just what you need to feel nourished, inspired, and re-energized.

Retreats are designed upon request and create an environment that opens to the deeper truths of self-reflection, personal enrichment, and healing. Embodied Wellness retreats are be tailored to your needs. This means they could look in many different ways--from a full weekend of  Authentic Movement practice in our Boulder office space, to a full day of deep presence at a retreat center such as Shoshoni or in nature, to a few hours of being held in a safe way as you process deeper experiences.


Previous themes have included the balance of masculine & feminine, intuition & intention, and stillness & movement.

“Rachael holds space for deep body practices in a gentle and subtle way- she offers up guidance without imposing any of her own ideas, allowing the participants to create a genuine relationship to the practice, ourselves and each other. Rachael’s ease of presence, sense of humor, humbleness and embodiment make her the ideal leader/facilitator for therapeutic and movement based practices.”
— -Hannah Kinderlerlehrer, Mom/Dance Teacher