Mentorship provides with the opportunity for a more fluid and informal space than traditional psychotherapy while still maintaining professionalism and healthy boundaries.

If you are a parent looking for mentorship for one of your young adult children, or if you are an individual wanting to deepen your practice of Authentic Movement in a more educationally-oriented and informal way than psychotherapy, you might want to consider a mentorship with me.

Mentorship is designed to offer a positive influence for individuals in various developmental stages of their lives. This is accomplished by building trust, familiarity, and rapport through many different kinds of informal activities--from a hike together, to a shared meal, to a business coaching meeting over tea.

Rachael has years of experience in mentoring youths and adults in various settings, including college students, the criminal justice system, transitional living programs, cross-cultural education, addiction rehabilitation, low-income mental health, and school programming.


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