Personal Growth & Counseling   

Individual counseling sessions increase self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-love. We explore the role of our inner teacher and how to  listen through empowerment, integration, and embodiment.

While based on the foundations of theories and applications of Body Psychotherapy, my work is deeply intuitive in nature. I listen in the moment to the needs of the individual and what is alive for them.  As a non-judgemental witness my goal is to provide a place for you to reconnect to your wholeness, radiance, essence, and light.

I often lead clients through grounding exercised and visualizations, helping them to come back to their bodies in a safe way, and help them process how their current struggles can be in part an opportunity for growth and empowerment.

Some of the themes I often discuss with clients include (but are not limited to): teaching resourcing and self-care practices, how to connect to your deeper needs and to feelings of worthiness, psycho-education, how to ask for what you want and how to set healthy boundaries. 


“The very clear joy radiated by Rachael is tangible. Her warmth, energy and patience are beautiful and simple, and I simply wanted to learn from her because of how inviting and open she is. I felt fully able to explore my own self expression and needs during the workshop because of Rachael’s ability to create such a lovely, inviting, and safe space.”
— -Kerri Entin, Physician


What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is a body-referenced and movement-centered awareness practice in which there is a mover (client) and a witness (therapist). With eyes closed, the mover listens to, and follows an inner impulse to move in the presence of an accepting witness. Movement may arise from sensation, image, memory, thought, and/or direct experience. This practice supports individuals to align with and move their essential truth in the presence of another, strengthening their ability to track embodied experience, and practicing self-referencing speech as a means to bring consciousness to their body’s wisdom.

How is Authentic Movement integrated in your sessions?

To me Authentic Movement is also a way of being in life and in relationship. It shows up as the home base I come back to in every session, whether or not we are doing the specific practice. This means that even in a more traditional talk-therapy session I am orienting toward a deep awareness of the body and imagination, holding you with the non-judgemental stance of the Witness, and offering my perspective in a way that is not assuming and that honors your truth and your wisdom. I track emerging unconscious material and weave it into our session and reflect it a way that is readily digestible.

What other Authentic Movement opportunities do you offer?

I also offer Authentic Movement groups and trainings for facilitators.

Watch a short video about Authentic Movement