Mama Support Groups

Embodied Wellness offers support groups for new as well as experienced moms to connect with each other in a safe, non-judgmental, and caring space.

Our facilitated groups offer support around issues which include:

  • post-partum depression
  • anxiety and isolation
  • personal identity and family transitions
  • developing self-compassion and mindfulness
  • listening to the wisdom of the body (ours and the one of our children)
  • communications skills for authentic connection
  • developing a sense of internal agency and competence
  • Finding recources


Being a mother myself and having worked with new mothers for many years, I know how much shame and isolation can come up especially in the beginning. If you are feeling disconnected from your body, generally overwhelmed, are having a hard time dealing with the kids, and maybe even experiencing a sense of grief and confusion as your relationship to your identity shifts, you are not alone.

The groups I offer generally run for 6 weeks during which you will be held in a supportive and caring environment as you reconnect with your body and reconnect to a deeper source of nourishment.